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Welcome to Finfocus Advisory

Finfocus Advisory is a financial advisory company based in Malaysia. Founded by experienced bankers and financial consultants with years of industry know-how, we offer exclusive and tailored-made financial solutions to our clients.

We strive to assist our clients in controlling their own financial standing and ultimately achieving financial freedom. With a monthly average of RM10million Banks loans approval, all course of actions and applications undertaken are legitimate and lawful.

Our Services

We assist our clients and obtaining Banks loans and resolving Banks debts. We do not provide any in-house loans, 100% of the funds are from Banks.


General Procedures

1. Connect With Us

Call or simply leave a message using the FREE CONSULTATION SESSION FORM below. You can also WhatsApp us by clicking on the WhatsApp button available.

2. Get Together

Schedule an appointment to enable us to understand your financial standing and needs.

3. Wealth Plan Proposal

We will tailor a wealth plan according to your financial circumstances upon in-depth consultation.

4. Loan Submission

We will assist in submitting your loan application to suitable Banks once mutual agreement is reached.

5. Loan Approval

We strive to get the best approval for your loan application and once the same has been obtained, we will arrange for the necessary legal documentation to be in place.

Why you should choose us


Prompt Support

Quality financial services available at your convenience


Reflection of Loan Figures

Precise loan figures generated by Banks


Added Services

Engage with us and we could be your lifetime personal financial advisor!

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About Us

Finfocus Advisory is a financial advisory company based in Malaysia. We strive to assist all our clients in achieving financial freedom.

Our service


We are like your personal loan agents who would be able to assist you in getting your desired loan from the suitable Banks. We could be your one-stop solution center for all financial-related matters.

Just fill out the Free Consultation Session Form or click on the WhatsApp button available. We will be getting in touch with you in no time.

Banks use credit score rating to determine approval. With our extensive know-how and connection in the banking industry, we would be able to assist you in securing your desired loan.

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About Us

Finfocus Advisory strives to assist you in achieving financial freedom. We offer legitimate financial solutions at minimal costs. We will guide you steps-by-steps to overcome any unfavorable financial situations.

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